Durawax – A Customer Testimonial

Premier Finishing Inc., Walker, MI adds Durawax to their topcoat offerings…

“We have used Heatbath’s new Durawax product for a couple of years now on a large variety of parts that we black oxide with favorable responses from our customers. The new topcoat filled a void we had in the past where the acrylic we used dried hard but had a tendency for drips and the wax left the parts too “waxy” and left too much of a dull appearance. Durawax is easier to dry, dries hard and looks good, doesn’t leave drip marks but still has the lubricity needed for the fasteners and pins we coat. The corrosion protection it provides meets most of the requirements for all the furniture and interior automotive parts we blacken. We also use Durawax over bare steel parts as a dry rust inhibitor and to seal zinc plated fasteners. Durawax has been a welcome addition to the post dip options we can offer our customers.”

Andy Ribbens
Premier Finishing Inc.

Product Announcement for Durawax:

Heatbath Corporation (Indian Orchard, MA) has expanded its line of rust preventative products with the introduction of Durawax, a silicone-free, multi-purpose synthetic wax emulsion that provides excellent coverage over bare steel or conversion coatings including black oxide and phosphate coatings. Durawax forms a hard, shiny dry film that enhances surface appearance and durability.

Applied over black oxide at 50% by volume, it delivers more than 400 hours of corrosion protection when subjected to 100% Relative Humidity testing (ASTM D-2247). It can also be used as a dry film lubricant for torque reduction. It is an excellent emulsion for the weatherproofing of military implements.

Durawax is non-flammable, is used at ambient temperature and can be diluted with tap water up to 50% by volume. The bath is stable and easy to replenish. Parts should be free of soils and oil residues prior to dipping, but pre-drying of parts before processing is not required. Application is by immersion for 1-3 minutes. Films air dry quickly, but forced air or spin drying can be used. Durawax is easily removed using a hot alkaline cleaner.

Durawax BLK has an incorporated black dye for an attractive dry-to-the-touch film over black oxided work.

Durawax UV has an incorporated ultraviolet dye for part identification under black light.

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