Electroless Nickel Product Brochure

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An overview of Heatbath’s comprehensive line of proprietary Electroless Nickel Plating Systems to meet all of your functional and decorative coating requirements.

Heatbath® Corporation offers a comprehensive line of proprietary electroless nickel plating systems to meet all of your functional and decorative plating requirements. Our electroless nickel products are manufactured using the purest grade of materials, blended in designated, state-of-the-art equipment and subjected to strict quality control testing to ensure our customers receive the highest quality, dependable electroless nickel products. Heatbath offers technical expertise with over 80 years of metal finishing experience. Our philosophy of total line responsibility means you can count on Heatbath for all of your electroless nickel requirements.

Our Nitec® electroless nickel products are robust systems offering long bath life, consistent plating rates, exceptional bath stability and reproducible quality. Our electroless nickel baths are simple to control and easy to operate.

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