Heatbath/Park Metallurgical: A World Leader in Quenchant and Finishing Technology

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For more than eight decades, the red oval identifying a product as “genuine” Park Metallurgical has stood for highest quality and value, and most capable technical support.  William Woodside, the founder of Park Metallurgical, was also a Founding Father of ASM International.  What he contributed to both organizations was highest integrity, innovation and customer service.  Today, that commitment is carried forward by professionals who understand every aspect of both heat treating and metal finishing,  and who are dedicated to helping customers in virtually every sector of industry identify “best possible” solutions.

Polymer quench technology is where some of the most important innovations are occurring today, and Heatbath/Park Metallurgical is a leader in this industry.  The most important recent development is quenchants is Polyquench 15XN, an advanced, water-based, nitrite-free polymer quenchant that deposits a soft, lubricious film and precisely controls heat transfer.  This film is “not sticky” like conventional films and washes readily.  Polyquech 15XN provides consistent, highly uniformed results and predictable quench rates for 1050, 1030 and other steels.

Gajen Dubal is a leading heat treater resource regarding oil quenchants.  With 38 years of experience in quenchant development, this former heat treater has customized oil and hybrid formula quenchants for a wide range of applications.  Heatbath/Park’s most important oil quenchant technologies are AAA and No. 420 quench oil.  Both are engineered to produce maximum hardness with near zero distortion.  AAA is highly versatile in its application and was designed to resist oxidation and breakdown.  Most importantly, for process downstream, it leaves a bright surface.  It is ideal for carbon steel and alloys of low medium hardenability.

No. 420 is a “medium hot” oil, engineered for use in carbonitriding furnaces, and for parts that are prone to distortion.  Its accelerated cooling rate during the first stages of quenching produces uniformly hardened parts; the higher operating temperature slows cooling during martensitic transformation.  From Heatbath/Park’s industry-leading AAA and 420 quench oils to oils customized for specific requirements, Gajen and his team offer unparalleled knowledge.

The unique characteristics of Heatbath/Park salt processes make them ideally suited for neutral hardening, surface hardening, quenching and tempering, as well as rubber curing.  No one has greater experience with salt technology than Mike Ives, Heatbath/Park’s director of heat treat products.  Mike has worked with heat treaters and aluminum processors for over two decades; he and his technical group specialize in application of salt processing to achieve specific customer goals.

Park was founded in 1911.  The company has 100 employees in its three manufacturing locations, as well as a national sales force.  The company is distinctive in providing the widest selection of oils, molten salts and polymer quenchants, as well as a broad family of metal finishing products.  Included in the latter category are cleaners, rust preventives, black oxide, phosphate conversion coatings and specialty products for wire manufacturing.  The company operates three fully equipped development laboratories and has extensive database and testing capabilities.  To further enhance customer service and communications, Heatbath/Park recently installed video-conferencing systems that can facilitate face-to-face meetings between customers and technical personnel.

Heatbath/Park Metallurgical is ISO 9001 certified.  For more information, contact the company by phone: 413-452-2000 or visit www.heatbath.com.

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