Cleaning & Coating Technologies for Metal Forming Applications

Products for the Wire and Tube Industries


Diversity and versatility are the keys to success in today’s wire and tube industries. Heatbath® Corporation formulates, manufactures and markets a conprehensive line of custom products to meet the varying demands placed on your cleaning and coating processes. Technical expertise combined with real life production experience insures sound product recommendations, resulting in higher quality coatings and increased product performance. For a reliable suppy of specialized products blended to the highest quality standards, you can count on Heatbath Corporations.

Heatbath Corporation supplies an innovative line of cleaning, coating and lubricating chemistries for cold forming of ferrous metals. Products include: Alkaline CleanersAcid Pickling AdditivesScale Conditioners, Zinc Phosphate Conversion Coatings, Immersion Copper Coatings, Oxalate Coatings for Stainless Steel, Grain Refiners and Neutralizers as well as a variety of Reactive and Non-Reactive Lubricants.

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