Polyquench 15XN

A superior polymer quenchant with REAL ADVANTAGES for Induction or Direct Hardening.
“It’s Not Sticky!®”
Suitable for Immersion or Spray Application…

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Polyquench 15XN is a superior polymer quenchant with real advantages for induction or direct hardening.  It is suitable for both immersion and spray quenching applications.

Polyquench 15XN has a unique long-lasting polymer that resists chemical, thermal and mechanical breakdown.  Due to its normal solubility, it can be used over a wider operating temperature range with minimum drag-out.  Its concentration is easily controlled with a simple “Shell Cup” device.  A highly effective nitrite-free additive package provides excellent rust protection and retards bacterial growth.

In the shop, Polyquench 15XN is best known for being one polymer quenchant that is “NOT STICKY,” so housekeeping is cleaner and simpler, parts handling is easier.  Another shop advantage: Polyquench 15XN has no foul odor.  Also, this advanced polymer is highly tolerant to contaminants and has a long bath life.

Intricate components made of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, forged steel, cast iron, ductile iron, malleable iron, aluminum alloys and other materials can be quenched to the desired depth of hardness with minimum distortion and without cracking.

Don’t be fooled! Only Heatbath/Park Metallurgical manufactures Genuine Park Products, including Polyquench 15XN.  Heatbath/Park supplies the industry’s broadest range of quality quenchants, including salt, oil, polymer and brine.  Three fully equipped labs provide the industry’s finest technical support and testing.

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