Black Oxide Control Systems

Model 900 Single Automatic Concentration Control System:
Provides for the automatic addition of evaporation replacement water in the black oxide tank.  This maintains the proper solution concentration without the necessity of manual control.  The system is completely wired and ready for connection to a water supply.  Water inlet splash guard is included.

Model 800 Automatic Liquid Addition, Control and Alarm System:
Consists of three level probes with holder and bracket plus a NEMA cabinet with relays, low level alarm, fuses and a pump motor overload completely wired.  A self-priming Vanton pump with tubing and a capacity of 5 gpm is included.  This system comes complete and requires simply supplying 110V power, plumbing and mounting to begin operation.  This system automatically adds black oxide liquid from the drum or storage tank.  Eliminates manual additions of powder or liquid.  When combined with the Model 900 Control System it results in a completely automated operation with empty drum replacement or storage tank refilling being the only manual requirement to maintain consistent operation of the black oxide bath.

Black Oxide Control Systems are available from Burt Process Equipment, Inc.

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