Lab Oil 100 – A Customer Testimonial

HB-BlackOxide.Photo4“For many years Bondhus Corporation searched for a water soluble rust preventative for our hand tools that we could apply over our Proguard™ finish that would leave a dry-to-the-touch film yet yield in excess of 80+ hours of salt spray protection.  Over the years we trialed at least a dozen different water soluble oils before we found the product we were looking for in Heatbath’s Lab Oil 100.

We find that Lab Oil 100 is easy to mix and the bath concentration is easy to maintain with simple testing.  It is pleasant to work around and does not give off any offensive odor.  Salt Spray results typically exceed 120 hours.

Bondhus has been using Lab Oil 100 for over 4 years now with very satisfactory results.”

Charlie Figenshau
Heat Treat Coordinator
Bondhus Corporation

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