Retirement Announcement – Gajen Dubal

Gajen DubalGajen Dubal first started working for Park Chemical back in June 1969.  During that time he worked as a “Special Project Engineer” with his main function being working as a customer service engineer, but also worked on the technical aspects of “No-Cy®” which is a carburizing salt that doesn’t contain sodium cyanide.  He had direct input in three different patents involving salt reclamation systems, and was mentioned in “Who’s Who” Engineering Magazine in 1975.

After leaving Park 1978 and returning in 1997, Gajen was hired back as a “Quenchant Specialist” in June.  Gajen’s responsibilities included offering customers technical support in using Park’s oil, polymer, and salt quenchants. Customer visits included traveling to Canada, Mexico, China, and the United States.  Other accomplishments included giving numerous technical talks at Furnaces North America and ASM Heat Treat shows, publishing quenching papers in heat treating related magazines, and developed Heatbath / Park Metallurgical’s Enviroquench® which is an environmentally friendly quenchant to replace fast oils.

Gajen retired on September 1st of this year, and he plans to travel with his wife Hema of 47 years to visit grandchildren, sight see, and visit India on occasion.


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