Retirement Announcement – Mike Ives

Mike IvesMike Ives retired on October 3, 2014 after spending his entire professional career of 42 years with Park.  What started out as a “Bench Chemist” position with Park Chemical back in January, 1973 will end as “Product Manager” with Heatbath / Park Metallurgical.  In between starting as a Bench Chemist and becoming Product Manager, Mike’s career included being a “Research Assistant” to Charlie Fox, and later becoming a “Research Chemist” with Park.  When Whitaker Corporation purchased Park Chemical in 1986, Mike became “Manager of Salt Bath Manufacturing” in 1988 and increased sales 20% in three years.

Upon Park Chemical’s procurement by Heatbath Corp. in 1992, Mike was hired as Product Manager.  Mike’s biggest achievements during his time with Park Metallurgical included:  Traveling to Mexico, Canada, and throughout the United States in visiting customers and developing new business.  Oversaw the development of Enviroquench® which is an environmentally friendly quenchant designed to replace fast quench oils.  Researched and managed the introduction of No Carb Green as a new product to the company. Was the IT leader in Detroit in supporting the company’s networking computer system.  Oversaw and worked the booth at Furnaces North America and ASM Heat Treat shows for 22 years.  And managed the technical department in Detroit which consisted of six technically oriented personnel.

Mike will continue to work for Heatbath on a part-time basis after retirement in incorporating the new GHS standard to Heatbath’s product line.  After that he plans on doing some volunteer work, exercising, playing the piano more, and traveling the country in his RV.

After 18 years of experience in the Heat Treating Industry and working with Mike Ives, Mike Blazejewski has been promoted to Metallurgical Project Manager.  You can reach Mike Blazejewski at or (413) 452-2000 X 166.


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