The Heat Treating Chemical Categories below are listed in alphabetical order.

Aluminum Salt Bath Brazing

Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical aluminum brazing salts offer outstanding characteristics such as superior fluidity, high stability, ease of cleaning and minimal sludge.

Aluminum Solution Heat Treating

Aluminum solution treating is commonly conducted in molten nitrate baths in the 850-1050 deg F range. Maintenance of neutrality to avoid attack on aluminum is critical. Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical nitrate salts are formulated for maximum purity and neutrality for use in aluminum solution treating.

Carbon Products

Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical carbon chemical products are used primarily as floating covers and as neutral packing media for annealing tool steels.


Uniform carbon case depths, ranging from a few thousandths to over 0.100 inches, are produced rapidly and economically by Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical’s carburizing products. Our product line is the industry’s most complete and diverse.

These standard industry products are designed for deep and shallow case and high and low dragout operations. Plus, these easy maintenance salts provide for high quality, uniform shop production.

Also, there are the carbon-atmosphere-producing liquids using the drip method in place of the expensive and high maintenance endothermic and exothermic atmosphere producing generators for atmosphere carburizing.

Cleaning and Descaling Salts

This chemical family of salt compounds covers the full range of any heat treater’s cleaning and descaling needs.

High Speed Hardening Salts

For hardening all types of high speed steels (HSS) including molybdenum, molybdenum-tungsten and cobalt. Large numbers of tools may be safely hardened in a comparatively short time with a high speed steel salt bath set-up. These salts are designed for the proper heat treatment of HSS by balancing the composition in such a way as to insure as neutral a bath as practical, minimize dragout or carry-over and promote easy cleaning. HSS tools can be treated rapidly and uniformly without oxidation, decarburization or pitting. Accurate and uniform temperature control is possible and distortion is reduced to a minimum. #90 Casing Salt is available for casing HSS tools to prolong their life and improve their cutting ability.

Liquid Nitriding

Very hard and wear resistant surfaces are produced on a wide variety of steels and cast irons. The relatively low temperatures used permit casing of previously hardened steels or cast irons with little or no loss of core hardness and minimum dimensional change.

Neutral Salts

Neutral Salts are balanced mixtures of chlorides designed to provide neutrality, excellent fluidity and great stability. Their melting points and working ranges have been designed to furnish neutral salt baths for heat treating from 850-2400 deg F.

Oil Based Quenchants

Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical oil-based quenchants are formulated chemicals to provide as closely as possible the characteristics of an “ideal” quenchant, particularly for use with intricate shapes and high-hardenability alloys.

Quenching and Tempering Salts

Group I quench salts are composed of nitrate/nitrite salts for use as steel tempering or quenching media. All are completely water soluble, easily washed and have similar high heat transfer rates and heat capacity. Group I quench salts come standard in a powder form with Pink Dye (for identification purposes) and organic anticake. They are also available without dye and anticake in a briquette form under the Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical trade name PARKETTES.

Group II salts are neutral salts of the chloride family that operate in the higher temperature ranges. Group II salts are completely water soluble, thermally stable and highly fluid. These salts are more hygroscopic than Group I but more stable and non-oxidizing.

Rubber Cure Salts

A family of salts specially formulated for use in rubber curing. Most of Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical’s rubber cure products are nitrate/nitrite salts. However, we also offer a Nitrite-free alternative for those who are concerned with the possible formation of nitrosamines. With our rubber cure salts, no reaction with surfaces of extruded or molded rubber parts will occur below 500 deg F in the normal cure times. All salts are completely water soluble and are easily washed from parts. All rubber cure salt products are available in a predominantly free flowing form, a crystalline form with an anti-caking agent, or in a briquette form available under the trade name, PARKETTES.

Salt Bath Rectifiers

Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical rectifiers are formulated to help maintain optimum bath operating conditions, and to aid in removing impurities which normally develop in salt baths during heat treat operations.

Stop-Off / Protective Coatings for Steel

Paint type coatings used to prevent carburizing or decarburizing in heat treat operations other than molten salt baths. Can be sprayed or applied with a brush.

Water Based Quenchants

The Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical family of water-based quenchants are formulated to provide high hardness and high speed of quenching, while minimizing the possibility of part distortion or breakage. Water-based quenchants are non-flammable, readily available, and virtually unaffected by tight petroleum supplies. Each standard product comes with a nitrite based rust inhibitor package. Non-nitrite containing products are obtainable as the “-XN” formulations. Parquench® 90-IH is equivalent to Parquench® 90 but is specially formulated for use in induction hardening applications.

Pre and Post Heat Treating and Metal Finishing

Heatbath®/Park Metallurgical leads the industry in pre and post heat treating chemical products. We manufacture a broad line of metal cleaners, scale removers, rust preventatives and black oxide products. We also supply custom blended chemical products for metal finishing applications including zinc plating, decorative plating, electroless nickel plating, chromate conversion coatings and phosphate coatings. Click here to review specific information on Heatbath products for Metal Finishing.