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800 Neutral Salt 850°F
900 Neutral Salt 920°F
Nu-Sal 1230°F
Uni-Hard® IR 1020°F
Sta-Hard 17 1175°F
Sta-Hard 45 1450°F
High Speed 60 1600°F
High Speed 75 1750°F
Cartecsal 810°F
(432deg C)
Wire Annealing Salt 1050°F

800 Neutral Salt Working range covers temperatures frequently used in hardening and tempering steel. This product is also used as a high speed quench and draw.

900 Neutral Salt For quenching and tempering steel. #900 is especially suited for oil hardening followed by relatively high draw, since no washing is required between quench and draw. #900 is less hygroscopic than #800 and can be used at higher temperatures.

NU-SAL This barium-free salt is the most economical and most commonly used neutral salt for heat treating performed within its working range. It is non-hygroscopic and relatively non-corrosive to metal and fixtures.

UNI-HARD® IR Frequently used as a preheat for tool hardening or as a heating medium for continuous production hardening. Dragout is minimal because of high fluidity. Uni-Hard IR is water soluble and non-hygroscopic. Non-ferrous and precious metals as well as ferrous alloys can be treated in Uni-Hard IR.

STA-HARD 17 A neutral salt for hardening, annealing, normalizing or preheating high speed tools. It is non- decarburizing, making it suitable for heating alloy tool steels which require high hardening temperatures.

STA-HARD 45 A stable salt for neutral heating of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Sta-Hard 45 is similar to Sta-Hard 17 but provides higher working temperatures.

HIGH SPEED 60 A neutral salt designed for heat treating high alloy steels requiring temperatures of 1650 to 2200°F.

HIGH SPEED 75 Used in forging, brazing and high temperature hardening of high speed, high carbon, high chrome steels and stainless steels. Finish ground tools can be heated in High Speed 75 without harming critical areas such as threaded sections.

CARTECSAL Mixture specified and developed for the U.S. Energy Department for processing alloys containing uranium where chloride compounds are objectionable and where cleaning is important.

WIRE ANNEALING SALT Chloride and carbonate mixture recommended for annealing non-ferrous materials or for heat treating steel where slight decarburization is not undesirable. Wire Annealing Salt is extremely fluid, completely water soluble, neither hygroscopic nor corrosive, but tends to decarburize steel parts at temperatures above 1300 deg. F.


BA-TREAT An economical sulfate solution designed to remove barium chloride from wastewater. BA-TREAT coagulates the precipitates and rapidly settles them for disposal as a non-hazardous solid waste.

NU-SAL TEST KIT Laboratory equipment for determining the alkalinity of Nu-Sal baths.

MELTING POINT REDUCERS (M.P.R.) #800 MPR, #900 MPR Replenishers for maintaining low temperature fluidity in the corresponding salts when they are used as quenchants.

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