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IN cSt
Alumiquench 75-140°F
20% 3.9
Enviroquench® 70-200°F
25% 6.4
Parquench® 60 80-150°F
15 % 1.5
Parquench® 90 80-150°F
15 % 3.1
Polyquench® 15 80-150°F
15 % 3.2
Polyquench® 20 80-150°F
15 % 3.9
Plastiquench 70-110°F
5 % 3.5
Speed Quench #1 50-150°F
10 % 1.9

ALUMIQUENCH A water solution of an organic polymer, nitrite corrosion inhibitor, antifoam agent, and biocide. It meets requirements of AMS 3025 for quenching a wide verity of aluminum parts. Polymer residue left on parts after quenching is completely water soluble and easy to remove without additional cleaners. Alumiquench should be agitated during quenching. Impeller type agitators are recommended.

ENVIROQUENCH® An environmentally friendly water based polymer quenchant that can provide quenching response similar to that of fast quench oil but is far superior to oil in both it’s safety and environmental characteristics. It is non-flammable, low foaming, provides desirable cooling characteristics, is water soluble and economical. Click here for additional information on ENVIROQUENCH.

PARQUENCH® 60 SERIES The lower molecular weight polymer package. It is generally used for lower alloy steels, castings, forgings and most aluminum applications.

PARQUENCH® 90 SERIES The higher molecular weight polymer package. It is generally used for higher alloy steels and all types of metals where the control of distortion is of prime importance.

POLYQUENCH® 15 SERIES Water solution of organic polymer, corrosion inhibitors, biocide, and anti-foaming agents. The polymer has normal solubility and greater washability than other synthetic quenchants. IT’S NOT STICKY!®

POLYQUENCH® 20 SERIES Water solution of standard, “Type I”, polyalkylene glycol quenchant. The polymer is inversely soluble above 165°F.

PLASTIQUENCH A solution of polyvinyl alcohol in water, used as a base for steel quenching media. In water solution, it cools austenitized steels faster than quenching oils, hardens steels with less distortion or breakage than straight water quenches. More economical than other water-base quenchants because of the lower concentration required.

SPEED QUENCH #1 An inhibited “brine” quench supplied in granular form to be dissolved in water. While quenching like brine or caustic, it prevents rusting and does not generate disagreeable fumes. Recommended concentration of 8% to 10% is controlled by specific gravity measurements.


SHELL CUP TEST KIT for determination of Polymer Quenchant concentration.

For additional information on Heatbath/Park Metallurgical Water Based Quenchants, Contact Us.