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Product Name Description
Aricid® Can be used as a rust remover/descaler prior to phosphating, blackening or plating operations. Also used for removing scale and metal salt buildup from zinc, manganese and iron phosphating equipment.
Aricid® B A completely water-soluble powder consisting of a mixture of acid salts, activators, inhibitors and surface activating agents.  Replacement for liquid hydrochloric and sulfuric acids. Easier and safer to ship, store and use.
Aricid® C An organic, mildly acidic powdered mixture. Ideally suited for descaling applications where hydrogen embrittlement is of concern.
Aricid® F Fluoride bearing replacement for extremely dangerous Hydrofluoric Acid. This dry powder is safer to ship, store and handle.
Pictax® A-80 A blend of acids, surfactants and activators. Uniquely formulated for the activation of electrodeposited copper.
Pictax® Classic A granular, free-flowing powder used for uniform pickling and surface activation prior to plating operations. Used on steel, zinc die-castings, copper, brass and on nickel prior to chrome plating.

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