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Product Name Powder / Liquid Description
Alu-Kleen 36 Liquid A mild, slightly acidic cleaner concentrate for aluminum and aluminum alloys. This mixture of organic acids and detergents will remove a variety of cutting oils and drawing compounds.
Alu-Kleen 1157 Powder A highly efficient, non-etch soak cleaner for aluminum. Incorporated surface-active agents and inhibitors allow for complete removal of soils and oils without etching or discoloration of the aluminum surfaces.
Alu-Kleen 1586 Liquid A non-etch, mildly alkaline cleaner for aluminum. Can be used in both spray and immersion applications. Incorporated corrosion inhibitors prevent oxidation of surfaces after cleaning.
D909 Powder An outstanding, caustic-free cleaner ideal for cleaning aluminum, brass and zinc die-castings. Excellent wetting and dispersing characteristics make this product an ideal choice for cleaning a wide variety of soils. Hard water tolerant and free rinsing.


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