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Product Name Powder / Liquid Description
Chem Alum Deox 61/62 61-Liquid
A two-component deoxidizer system used to remove scale and oxides from titanium. Produces a bright matte finish. Excellent leveling action for a clean polished surface with no intergranular attack and resistance to staining. This deoxidizer is also used for high silicon aluminum alloys and castings.
Chem Alum Deox 350 Liquid A non-chrome desmutter and deoxidizer for wrought and extruded aluminum alloys. Prepares the aluminum surface for welding or conversion coating.
Chem Alum Deox 514 Powder This chrome containing product has excellent “hold over times” when used to deoxidize prior to resistance welding. Used to desmut after etching, prior to chromating, anodizing or bright dip operations.
Deoxide® D Liquid Removes oxides, heat scale and smut from aluminum and its alloys. Excellent for aluminum castings with high silicon content. Used at full strength, room temperature and is effective with very short immersion times. This aluminum deoxidizer contains no chromium.
Deoxide® NC-9 Liquid A non-chromated deoxidizer compound for aluminum. Removes oxides from aluminum surfaces prior to spot welding. Highly effective on smut and removes heat scale formed in heat-treating and forging operations.

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