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Product Name Powder / Liquid Description
Alum-Etch 3 Powder An alkaline etchant material used to produce a fine, uniform, etched surface on all aluminum alloys. Exceptional solution life. A brighter, finer, more even etch is produced in short processing cycles. Eliminates sludge or scale build up in tanks or on heating coils. This aluminum etchant is phosphate free and biodegradable.
Alum-Etch 1161 Liquid A liquid cleaner and aluminum etchant that is effective in removing mill oils, drawing compounds, shop dirt and extrusion lubricants at low temperatures. This aluminum etchant can be used either by spray or immersion and is especially effective in cleaning aluminum coil and extrusions prior to chromating.
Chem Alum Etch 400 Powder A granular, alkaline product for producing a fine satin etch on aluminum and its alloys. This aluminum etchant has an outstanding sequestering action to prevent build up of scale on tank walls and heating coils. Effective over a broad range of operating parameters.

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