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Product Name Powder / Liquid For Use On Description
Durablack Liquid Liquid Copper and Copper Bearing Alloys A highly concentrated alkaline product used to blacken copper. Operates at 220°F. Alloys of copper can be blackened when Durablack Pre-Dip L is used.
Durablack Pre-Dip L Liquid Copper Bearing Alloys Conditioning step needed prior to blackening copper bearing alloys in Durablack Liquid. Completely compatible with Durablack Liquid – no rinsing is required between stages.
Zinol® 1436 Powder Zinc Plate and Zinc Die Castings A lustrous black conversion coating providing an attractive appearance and excellent corrosion resistance when used in conjunction with a protective seal.
Pentrate® EE-2 Powder Silver Solder Used to blend soldered joints with the black oxided steel surfaces. Operates at 180-190°F.

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