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Product Name Powder / Liquid Description
Chromax® 4101 YL Liquid A concentrated chromate conversion coating producing uniform gold to appealing iridescent bronze colored coatings over zinc plated parts. Unsurpassed corrosion protection combined with ease of handling.
Chromax® 4106 YL Liquid Produces brilliant, stain free, clear iridescent and golden chromate conversion coatings for zinc and cadmium plate. The exceptionally stable bath provides coatings with excellent corrosion resistance. High tolerance for metal contamination results in extended bath life.
Duracoat® 1237 Liquid A heavy-duty chromate conversion coating for zinc plate and zinc die-castings. Produces brilliant clear, iridescent and golden chromate conversion coatings. A versatile product achieving the most protective and deepest color coatings at low concentrations and the brightest color coatings at higher concentrations.
Duracoat® XCL Blue Liquid A long dilution chromate conversion coating used for producing a blue bright coating on zinc-plated parts. Can be used for manual and automatic barrel and still plating applications. Provides protection of parts for shipping and storage. The coating formed is receptive to dyes.
Duracoat® Star Black Liquid A simple two-component formula for producing a black chromate conversion coating on zinc or cadmium plate. Short immersion times result in attractive, corrosion resistant, uniform coatings.
Duracoat® OD Liquid A scratch resistant, olive drab chromate conversion coating that improves corrosion resistance and is an excellent base for paint. Works equally well in both manual and automated plating lines. Used on zinc and cadmium plated deposits as well as on zinc die-castings. A two-component product.
Duracoat® OD-6 Liquid A one-component, olive drab chromate conversion coating that produces a hard, resistant finish that is quite lustrous when applied over bright plate. Attractive as a final finish or used as a base for paint or lacquer.

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