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Product Name Powder / Liquid Base Metal Description
Duracoat® 4-4 Liquid Copper and Brass A chromate bright dip used to produce a clear bright corrosion resistant finish on copper and brass. Eliminates the fuming usually associated with conventional mixed acid bright dips.
Duracoat® 47 Powder Silver and
Silver Alloys
A clear chromate conversion coating for silver and its alloys used to prevent tarnishing and to provide corrosion resistance.
Duracoat® 540BF Liquid Zinc
A protective chromate conversion coating for zinc die-castings. Removes burrs and produces a highly chemical polished surface. Can be used to brighten castings prior to treating with a yellow chromate.
Duracoat® Cad Brite B Liquid Liquid Cadmium An economical chromate conversion coating used for producing clear bright finishes on electrodeposited cadmium. Coatings are non-iridescent and require no leach. Excellent for use in both barrel and still plating installations.
ZnAlloy® Ni Bronze 11A Liquid Zinc/Nickel Alloy Plate Produces a bronze/yellow chromate conversion coating on zinc-nickel plate over a wide range of alloy compositions. Used by immersion in a mildly agitated bath at concentrations ranging from 2-10% by volume depending on the finish desired.
ZnAlloy® SN 15 Liquid Tin/Zinc
Alloy Plate
A yellow chromate conversion coating for conventional tin-zinc plating systems where the deposits are 70% Tin / 30% Zinc. Produces a corrosion resistant coating in both rack and barrel plating applications.

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