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Product Name Powder / Liquid Color Description
Duracoat® Tri-V
Yellow Dye
Liquid Yellow Specially formulated colorant, which converts clear/blue trivalent chromate conversion coatings to attractive yellow.
Quin-Pas 12 Liquid Clear Blue An all-trivalent chromate conversion coating for zinc. Bath is easy to control and operates over a wide range of parameters. Contains no peroxides. Imparts a clear blue coating with no evidence of yellowing.
Triumph Plus Liquid Blue Bright Produces a superior corrosion resistant trivalent blue chromate coating over zinc electroplate. Has a longer bath life and is tolerant to metallic impurities.
Triumph SPR Liquid Blue Bright Spray version of Triumph Plus that provides excellent corrosion protection over zinc electroplate.  Produces a uniform deep blue bright appearance that provides in excess of 96 hours of salt spray protection.

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Specialty Topcoats can be used to increase corrosion resistance and reduce scratching.

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