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Product Name Powder / Liquid For Use On Description
Bufsol Liquid All Metals A concentrated detergent used diluted in water or as an additive in alkaline soak cleaners. Nearly neutral in pH and contains no petroleum solvents or water insoluble oils that could interfere with subsequent plating operations.
Power Wash Cleaner BCR Liquid All Metals A mildly alkaline buffing compound removersafe for use on all metals. Emulsifies soils and contains no phosphates or silicates. Can be used in soak, spray and agi-lift operations.
Spectrum® BCR-WL Liquid All Metals A free rinsing buffing compound remover that cleans without staining for zinc-based die castings, brass, steel and aluminum. Highly buffered with excellent pH control. Used in spray applications or as an ultrasonic cleaner.

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