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Product Name Powder / Liquid Foam Description
Spectrum® DA Liquid Moderate A moderately alkaline detergent additive containing a co-solvent and multiple detergents and wetting agents. Used in soak cleaning applications. Emulsifies soils.
Wetaid® 15 Powder High A highly concentrated detergent additive used to boost cleaning power in soak cleaning applications. Splits oils for removal by overflow or skimming.
Wetaid® 19 Liquid Moderate Used in alkaline cleaners, detergent iron phosphates and some acid systems. This detergent additive reduces surface tension for improved cleaning and more efficient drainage. Emulsifies soils.
Wetaid® 1559 Liquid Low Has defoaming properties and can safely be used in spray applications or in electrocleaners. This detergent additive acts as a rinse aid to decrease water spotting.

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