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Product Name Powder / Liquid For Use On Description
Ampeer Powder Fe, Zn, Cu, Brass This cleaner is specifically formulated to remove buffing compounds and oils from zinc die-castings by anodic cleaning. Built in reducing agent for hexavalent chromium to eliminate potential pitting and poor throwing power in subsequent plating operations. Buffered for extended bath life.
Electro-Kleen 67 Liquid Fe, Cu Recommended for its high conductivity, low foam and excellent detergency. This silicatedelectrolytic cleaner is ideally suited for automatic feed systems.
Electro-Kleen 1448 Powder Fe A highly alkaline combination soak and electrolytic cleaner. This versatile product is free rinsing and has increased tank life.
Electro-Kleen SP Powder Fe, Cu Has superior conductivity and controlled foaming characteristics. Non-chelated. Phosphate free and biodegradable electrolytic cleaner.
Erace® Powder Fe This electrocleaner is recommended for use when wire and tube products are being cleaned prior to plating. Erase is anon-phosphated formula that will strip zinc phosphate coating from previous drawing, stamping or cold forming operations.
Maxamp® BN Powder All Metals This electrolytic cleaner efficiently operates over a wide range of concentrations, temperatures and current densities for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Contains no phosphates.
Maxamp® Classic Powder Fe Provides maximum gas scrubbing action on parts with the application of minimal current, resulting in overall process cost reduction. Non-chelated and contains a defoamer.
Maxamp® E-15-X Powder Fe Effective penetration and exceptional detergency make this electrolytic cleaner well suited for oily stampings, wire goods and tubular products. Non-chelated.
Maxamp® E-60 Powder Fe A combination soak and electrolytic cleaner with a tremendous soil tolerance. Can be used with Spectrum DA additive for increased cleaning capacity. Contains no silicates.
Maxamp® NNT Powder Fe A highly alkaline electro cleaner with excellent conductivity and detergent for a controlled foam blanket. This silicated cleaner has added ingredients for smut removal.
Spectrum® HD-EC Liquid Fe Can be used as both a soak and electrolytic cleaner. Formulated to split oils. Soak cleaning can be boosted with the addition of Spectrum DA. High detergency and excellent wetting.
Super Maxamp® Powder Fe A phosphated and chelated, high performance electrolytic cleaner for steel and cast iron. Removes drawing and polishing compounds, fabricating oils and zinc phosphate coatings. Floats oils to the surface of the tank for skimming, resulting in extended tank life.

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