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Product Name Powder / Liquid For Use On Description
D909 Powder All Metals An outstanding caustic-free cleaner ideal for cleaning aluminum, brass and zinc die-castings. Excellent wetting and dispersing characteristics make this product an ideal choice for cleaning a wide variety of soils. Hard water tolerant and free rinsing.
Diverclean HP-L Liquid Fe, Cu This cleaner contains an effective surfactant package that allows for rapid and thorough cleaning in both spray and immersion applications. Non-silicated and safe to use prior to plating processes.
Makerclean 3546 Liquid Fe, Cu A heavy-duty, non-phosphated emulsifying alkaline soak cleaner. Exhibits long operating life and can be used in black oxide, plating and phosphate lines.
Multi-Kleen 1568 Liquid All Metals A moderately alkaline, non-silicated soak cleaner. Contains a rust inhibitor for temporary corrosion protection. Ideal for single stage cleaning applications. Also used as a floor cleaner.
Nuvat® Classic Powder Fe, Cu, Mg, Brass Having tremendous soil tolerance, this multi-metal cleaner remains effective and rinses completely even under heavy soil loads. Contains co-solvent. Ideal for barrel processing.
Spectrum® 240 Liquid All Metals Containing buffers and inhibitors, this cleaner is safe for use on all metals. Complexing agents are incorporated for improved cleaning and control of water hardness.
Uni Kleen® 10 Powder Fe, Cu, Brass An economical, heavy-duty soak cleaner. Holds soils in suspension, preventing them from re-depositing onto cleaned surfaces. Non-chelated. Compatible with electrolytic cleaners typically used in plating lines.
Uni Kleen® 14B Powder Fe, Cu A phosphate free, alkaline soak cleaner capable of removing a wide variety of oils, greases, buffing and stamping compounds. An ideal choice for use prior to black oxide processes.
Uni Kleen®
57P Special
Liquid Fe A heavy-duty soak cleaner with optimum wetting, penetrating and soil suspending properties. Contains a co-solvent and has a recommended operating temperature of 155-175ºF. Contains no phosphate or chelators.
Uni Kleen® 58DA Liquid Fe High caustic and chelated workhorse with extra detergency. This cleaner is effective over a wide range of operating temperatures and concentrations. Recommended for high production phosphate and plating lines.
Uni Kleen® 88 Powder All A non-caustic, non-silicated cleaner. Completely free rinsing and an ideal choice for use in manganese phosphate lines.
Uni Kleen® 117 Liquid Fe, Cu, Zn A heavy duty, highly alkaline liquid soak cleaner highly recommended for electroplating lines and other metal finishing processes. Contains silicates, phosphates and an excellent dispersant and detergent package.
Uni Kleen® 1293 Powder Fe Non-silicated, highly chelated cleaner that is effective in removing most soils including both chlorinated and sulfurized drawing and rolling lubricants. Splits soils for easy removal with skimmer. Also available in a liquid form.
Uni Kleen® 1705 Liquid Fe A highly alkaline cleaner especially formulated for stripping zinc phosphate and stearate lube. Exceptionally long service life. Can also be used in spray applications.
Uni Kleen® DC Powder Fe A heavy duty, non-silicated alkaline soak cleaner for use prior to any metal finishing operation. This chelated formula has a high concentration of several highly effective surfactants and wetting agents.
Uni Kleen® DW Powder Fe, Cu A highly alkaline, moderately chelated soak cleaner. Easily removes heavy oils and soils prior to black oxide, phosphating and plating operations. Emulsifies soils. Contains no silicates.
Uni Kleen® EM Powder Fe Removes, emulsifies and holds oily and greasy contaminants in suspension eliminating consequent re-deposition onto work. A highly alkaline, non-chelated cleaner.

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