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Product Name Powder / Liquid For Use On Description
Multi-Kleen 1573 Liquid All Metals A spray cleaner with exceptional performance when used to remove quench oils. Splits oils to the surface for skimming or overflow, increasing bath life. Contains rust inhibitors for temporary indoor corrosion protection. Can also be used as a floor cleaner.
Multi-Kleen 1740 Liquid Fe, Zn, Al A spray cleaner designed to clean and impart temporary indoor rust protection in one step. Removes quench oils at low concentrations and at temperatures as low as 100ºF. Contains no silicates or chelators.
Power Wash Cleaner 1124 Powder Fe An economical, non-silicated, alkaline spray cleaner for use on ferrous metals. Effectively removes even heavy soils at low concentrations.
Power Wash Cleaner 1327 Liquid All Metals This mildly alkaline, silicated, spray cleaner incorporates wetting agents with defoaming properties. Ideally suited for use with automatic feed systems. Can also be used as a floor cleaner in mechanical floor scrubbing machines.
Power Wash Cleaner 1530 Liquid Fe A heavy-duty, sodium hydroxide based cleaner. Splits oils. Effectively removes machining lubricants, stearate soaps and residual zinc phosphate coatings.
Spectrum® PB Liquid Fe, Cu A concentrated spray cleaner formula with a unique combination of wetting agents for efficient removal of a wide variety of soils, even when used at lower concentrations and operating temperatures.

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