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Copper Plating produces a highly ductile deposit that can be used for a variety of applications including as a stop-off prior to heat-treating or for leveling prior to nickel plating. Acid copper plate is commonly used with a lacquer topcoat as an aesthetically pleasing final finish.

Product Name Process Description
CuChem 800 and 810 Cyanide Copper A versatile copper brightenersystem used as a copper strike prior to other plating applications. Can also be used as a stop-off prior to case hardening operations. These proven additives can be used in sodium, potassium or mixed salt baths.
CuChem 777 Acid Copper A dye-free copper brightener system with good temperature tolerance. Provides outstanding bright deposits and exhibits excellent leveling. Produces ductile deposits that are easy to buff.
CuChem ACD 725 Process Acid Copper This dye-based copper brightener system offers superior leveling and excellent low current density performance. Easy to buff.

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