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Heatbath® offers an all-inclusive line of Decorative Nickel Plating processes for bright, ductile nickel deposits, which provide superior corrosion protection for automotive applications. Combine our particle nickel, high sulfur nickel strike, semi-bright nickel, and bright nickel plating systems to pass your most stringent aesthetic, STEP testing, and CASS testing requirements.

Product Name Process Description
Lustra-Ni® 270 Bright Nickel “Index or SAS System” A very bright and highly leveled single component nickel brightener system that is well suited for applications with strict visual requirements.
Lustra-Ni® 242 Bright Nickel “Index or SAS System” Industry proven nickel brightener system offers improved brightness and leveling with excellent engineering properties. Exhibits good ductility. The working solution can be easily purified without requiring costly decants.
Lustra-Ni® 234S Bright Nickel “Index or SAS System” This uniquely balanced nickel brightener system offers optimum performance in barrel plating applications. A single component system with good leveling.
Dymaxion 285 Bright Nickel “Pyridine System” The superior leveling obtained from this nickel brightener system allows for ultra-bright deposits with minimal plating thickness.

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