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Electroless Nickel coatings in the high-phosphorus range are used for their superior corrosion resistance. The coatings produced are non-magnetic. Heatbath®’s high phos electroless nickel formulas produce coatings that are both ELV and RoHS compliant.

Product Name Components Make Up        Replenishment Ratio PH Adjust Description
Nitec® 8200 A, B, C 6% A 15% B 1A : 1C 4.4-4.8 High phosphorus electroless nickel, which produces a semi-bright plate. Coating provides maximum corrosion resistance with minimal deposit thickness. Passes RCA nitric acid test. RoHS Compliant.
Nitec® 8500 A, B, C 6% A
15% B
1A : 2C Self Regulated Similar to Nitec 8200 but pH is automatically controlled with normal replenishment additions. RoHS Compliant.

Matrix Systems for Heatbath’s High Phos Electroless Nickel are available.

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