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Heavy Zinc Phosphate conversion coatings are used primarily for their ability to retain rust preventative oils and waxes, thus providing maximum corrosion protection and extended service life of the coated components. All of the Heavy Zinc Phosphate products listed below meet the coating requirements of MIL-DTL-16232 for Type Z coatings.

Product Name Description
Phos Dip®  52AJ A highly concentrated heavy zinc phosphate formula developed for the highest coating weight requirements, in excess of 3000 mg/ft2 depending on the base metal and pretreatment used. Produces consistently uniform coatings.
Phos Dip®
A heavy-duty, corrosion resistant zinc phosphate coating bath having a high tolerance for iron in solution. Produces a fine-grained, uniform finish with minimal sludge generation. Heavy zinc phosphate coating weights range from 1000-2500 mg/ft2. Also available as Phos Dip 1263NM, an environmentally friendly version which contains no heavy metal accelerator.
Phos Dip®
A medium weight zinc phosphate formulated to meet the coating weight requirements of Federal Specification TT-C-490F for Type V conversion coating.  This versatile Phos Dip coating can be used for improved adhesion of paint, lacquer, etc., or with a rust preventative oil topcoat for increased corrosion protection.
Ultraphos 1200 A heavy zinc phosphate coating bath used by immersion, which achieves zinc phosphate coating weights in excess of 2000 mg/ft2. Provides excellent corrosion protection on ferrous metal parts when used with rust preventative oil.
Ultraphos 1224 A medium to heavy zinc phosphate coating bath with a high tolerance for iron in solution. Coating weights range from 1000-2500 mg/ft2, depending on the operating parameters chosen. Can be used at operating temperatures as low as 150ºF. Approved for GMW3179 Code G when used with Lab Oil 100WT.
Ultraphos 1500C A highly concentrated, economical heavy zinc phosphate coating bath. Has excellent corrosion protection when used with rust preventative oil on ferrous metal parts. Zinc phosphate coating weights of 2000+ mg/ft2 are easily obtained. When used with Lab Oil 100WT, is approved for Specification GMW3179 Code G.
Phosphate Conditioner 4 A titanium based compound for surface activation and grain refinement of zinc phosphate coatings. Used as a conditioning pre-dip to produce a smooth, uniform crystal.

For information on metal pre-treatment used prior to phosphate coating, explore Heatbath’s Metal Cleaning and Acid Pickling products. Black zinc phosphate coatings can be obtained using Heatbath’s Black Pre-Dip products. For post-treatment products to add corrosion resistance to your phosphated parts, explore Heatbath’s complete line of Rust Preventatives. For more information on Heatbath’s Heavy Zinc Phosphate Coatings Contact Us. www.heatbath.com