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Iron Phosphate coatings are an amorphous conversion coating for steel, galvanized and aluminum surfaces. The iron phosphate coating acts to enhance the adhesion properties of paint or powder coat. Iron phosphate coating weights can range from 25-100 mg/ft2.

Product Name Powder / Liquid Description
Morphos® 101LTF Liquid Produces an amorphous iron phosphate coating on steel, galvanized steel and aluminum surfaces which acts to enhance adhesion of paint or powder coat. This single component product simultaneously cleans and phosphates. Used in both 3 and 5-stage spray washers. Used at concentrations of 1-3% by volume. Coating weights of 35+ mg/ft2meet the requirements of Federal Specification TT-C-490 for Type II coatings.
Morphos® 101F Liquid Similar to Morphos 101LTF, but formulated for use in immersion applications.

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