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Manganese Phosphate coatings are most commonly chosen for their break-in or wear resistant properties. The manganese phosphate coating not only prevents metal-to-metal contact between moving parts, it also has excellent oil retentive properties for both lubricity and corrosion protection.

Product Name Description
Phos Dip® M-22 Heatbath®’s premier manganese phosphate coating, used to reduce wear and prevent galling of moving parts. Meets or exceeds the requirements of MIL-DTL-16232 for Type M coatings. An immersion process typically used with a grain refining pre-dip. Operating temperature 200ºF. Achieves coating weights of 1500+ mg/ft2.
Phos Dip® M-33 A stable manganese phosphate coating bath that operates iron-free and at 180ºF. Produces a smooth, uniform microfinish with minimal attack on the base metal. Reduces friction in bearing applications. Coating weight is 700+ mg/ft2. A grain refining pre-dip is preferred.
Ultraphos 1000 Like Phos Dip M-22 manganese phosphate coating bath, used in applications where wear is a constant factor for consideration. The resultant manganese phosphate coating readily absorbs lubricating oils for fast break-in. Prevents scuffing, galling and seizing of metal components. Provides corrosion resistance when used with rust preventative oil. Meets MIL-DTL-16232 and produces coating weights in excess of 1500 mg/ft2.
Phosphate Conditioner MGR Used just prior to the manganese phosphate coating bath, the conditioner activates the ferrous metal surface and promotes the deposition of a smooth, uniform coating. Using a conditioning step often eliminates the detrimental effects of strong alkaline or acid pre-cleaning. Highly recommended for job shop applications. No heat needed. Air agitation is recommended.
Phosphate Conditioner MGR II Like the Phosphate Conditioner MGR, but produces an even finer grained, ultra smooth, manganese phosphate coating. Used at just 0.5 oz./gallon.

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