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Product Name Powder / Liquid Description
Rust Inhibitor V Liquid This water-based rust inhibitor passivates steel surfaces and produces an invisible, dry, organic film that will resist exposure to humidity. Mildly alkaline with no nitrites. Incorporated surfactants enhance wetting characteristics for thorough coverage.
Rust Inhibitor 1438 Liquid Fast drying liquid rust inhibitor commonly used after cleaning, pickling, plating or phosphating. Does not contain nitrites. Used at 1-5% by volume and heated to 140-160°F to help facilitate drying. Leaves a non-measurable film that does not affect the original brightness or luster of the part.
Rust Inhibitor 1565 Liquid A nitrite free rust inhibitor for steel and cast iron. Completely water soluble and compatible with most paints.
Rust Inhibitor 1567 Liquid An alkaline nitrite based rust inhibitor for superior in-house corrosion protection on ferrous surfaces. Contains no amines. Excellent choice for use between machining operations or after vibratory finishing.
RP Inhibitor 500P Powder Highly concentrated powdered rust inhibitor for use on ferrous metals. Can be used by immersion or spray at concentrations as low as 0.5 oz./gallon. Provides excellent indoor corrosion protection. Contains nitrites.

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