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5% Neutral Salt Spray (ASTM B-117)
Hours to Red Rust
Product Name Over Manganese Phosphate Over Zinc Phosphate Over Black Oxide Over Bare Steel Description
Parkote 34 360 216 120 80 Ideal for use as a general purpose rust preventative. Provides excellent long term protection for parts in storage. Wets uniformly. Flash point 105°F.
Pen Dip® A 156 120 40 24 A water displacing oil recommended for use when a dry-to-the-touch finish is required. Excellent for precision parts packaged in paper or plastic. A barium-free product providing good corrosion protection. Flash point 142°F
Pen Dip® HF 176 83 37 24 High flash point oil at 290°F. Ideal for in-process or final protection where high humidity is present. Non-staining.
Pen Dip® Super 468 336 108 72 Superior water displacing properties and unsurpassed corrosion protection. Wets completely and leaves an attractive shine on blackened parts. Flash point 105°F.
Pen Dip® 170SR 272 272 72 24 Excellent resistance to humidity. Exceeds 30 days exposure to 100% Relative Humidity Testing (ASTM D-2247) over bare steel with no signs of red rust. Flash point 170ºF.
Pen Dip® 300 348 216 48 24 A heavy-duty rust preventative. Results in a semi-oily film that resists both humidity and corrosion. A barium free water displacing oil. Flash point 145°F.

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