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Product Name Description
Watershed® Extremely versatile, water-soluble specialty rust preventative topcoat for use wherever water is in contact with steel. Contains non-ionics that reduce surface tension and accelerate the shedding of water from all surfaces. Non-staining and leaves no water spots on electroplated surfaces. Used at varying concentrations based on the application, typically 3-5% by volume.
Duraseal NC For use on electroplated or mechanically plated zinc, cadmium or aluminum. This specialty rust preventative topcoat provides in excess of 100 hours of salt spray protection to white corrosion and over 500 hours to red rust when used over hexavalent blue chromate with 0.0003-0.0005 inch zinc plate. Use at 5% by volume and 130-140°F for best results.

Specialty topcoats are commonly used for added protection over ZincCadmium or Decorative Plated parts.

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