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Product Name To Remove From Base Metal Description
Chromlift Liquid Hard or Decorative Chromium Ferrous or
Nickel Substrates
An electrolytic stripper process exhibiting minimal attack on the base metal. An alkaline liquid used at 10% by volume and with a current density of 300-600 amps/ft2.
Cu-Strip L Copper Ferrous Alloys Non-cyanide, non-electrolytic stripper liquid used at 25-35% by volume. Strips 0.5-0.75 mils/hr with no attack on the base metal.
Diverstrip 4993 ZN Zinc Electroplate Steel A single component stripper product. Optimum operating parameters of 3.5 pounds per gallon and 160ºF. Leaves no smut or residues on stripped parts.
Durastrip® A-1 Lacquers, Enamels and
Phenolic Coatings
Steel Alkaline soak stripper used at 200-210ºF for the effective and complete removal of paint coatings.
Nistrip 910 Process Electrodeposited and
Electroless Nickel
Steel A two component alkaline stripper containing no cyanide compounds.
Q-Strip 100 Electrodeposited Nickel, Copper, Brass, Tin, Zinc, Zinc-Lead, Lead, Cadmium and Silver Steel This stripper is used with sodium cyanide to remove a variety of electrodeposited coatings from steel substrates.
Q-Strip 105 Electrodeposited and
Electroless Nickel
Steel A one component, powdered stripper containing no cyanide or amines.
Q-Strip 107 Electrodeposited Nickel Brass, Copper, Zinc Die-Cast, Silver and Gold A non-smutting, immersion stripping process to remove 1-2 mils/hr. Stripper bath will hold up to 4 oz./gallon of nickel before being spent.
Q-Strip 210 Copper and Nickel Electrodeposits and
Electroless Nickel
Stainless Steel and Aluminum A liquid concentrate stripper used with sulfuric acid. Contains hydrogen peroxide. Immersion process. Ventilation required.

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