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A complete line of additives for acid tubs, including inhibitors, extenders and foam blankets for mist suppression.

Product Name Description
Acid Inhibitor SL A combination of organic ingredients supplied in a liquid form used to inhibit non-oxidizing acids such as Hydrochloric or Sulfuric Acid. Protects the base metal from attack and prevents the “burning” of rod. Minimizes the amount of smut that results from over-pickling.
Acidall 1607 Effective at increasing the activity of Sulfuric Acid pickle tubs as the iron content builds. Allows for longer tub life and reduced acid consumption. For use in lines that do not use acid recovery.
Wetaid® 1521 A liquid foaming agent used in non-oxidizing acids to produce a stable, creamy foam layer to retard fumes and decrease acid drag out. Helps the acid penetrate between strands of banded coils or bundled loads to improve cleaning.
Wetaid® 1744 A liquid wetting agent used as a fume suppressant in acid solutions. Lowers surface tension to promote solution drainage and reduce drag out. Can be used in batch pickling tanks as well as in strand phosphating and plating operations where acid pickling is used as a pretreatment.

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