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Heatbath® provides many choices for reactive lubricants, non-reactive lubricants and polymers for in line applications.

Product Name Description
Drylube 2000 Reactive stearate lubricant for use over zinc phosphate and oxalate coatings. Excellent film strength will withstand the most severe drawing and heading operations. Melts quickly into the working bath. Charged at concentrations as low as 2-4 oz./gallon.
Drylube 1500 Series A line of non-reactive lubricants that contain different amounts of stearate soap blended into varying carrier chemistries. These coatings reduce build up at the dies, provide corrosion protection and aid in coil compaction. Choose from Drylube 1500, 1503 or 1505.
Drylube Polydip A thin polymer lubricant used for critical cold heading applications where minimal build up at the dies is required and maximum forming speeds are needed.

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