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Heatbath® Corporation offers a variety of zinc phosphate coating products, many formulated based on specific customer requirements. Realizing each cleaning house is unique with grades of steel processed, loading capacity, line layout and subsequent drawing and forming operations, Heatbath custom formulates, allowing you to maintain stable baths and consistent coating quality…regardless of the application.

Product Name Bath Components Description
Phos Dip® 38 Make Up, Replenisher and Accelerator This zinc phosphate coating withstands the deepest draws and most severe deformation. Contains a unique phosphate/nitrate ratio and increased metal catalyst. Produces the most uniform, tight-grained zinc phosphate coating with coating weights 10-15% higher than other nitrite accelerated baths. A great choice for shaped wire and all cold heading applications. Can be used in both strand and batch processing lines.
Phos Dip® 47-XD Make Up, Replenisher and Accelerator An economical zinc phosphate coating is preferred for tube drawing, stamping, forming and extruding operations. Specifically formulated for high production facilities. Reduces die wear and affords faster drawing speeds. A dependable bath used for consistent, high quality phosphate coatings.
Phos Dip® 10B One
Component Process
This single component zinc phosphate coating bath has built in iron control. Bath is easy to operate and ideal for round hole reductions. Advantages include operation at lower concentrations and shorter immersion times.

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