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Grain refining pre-dips for the deposition of smooth, uniform phosphate coatings, resulting in faster drawing speeds and increased die life. Rinse additives for neutralizing residual acidity after pickling or phosphate coating, resulting in less contamination of the lubricant tanks.

Product Name Powder / Liquid Description
Phosphate Conditioner 4 Powder A titanium based grain refiner used for the production of a smoother, more uniform phosphate coating. Has proven most beneficial in both shaped wire and cold heading applications. Extends die life. Used at only 0.5 oz./gallon in the rinse just prior to the phosphate bath.
Phosphate Neutralizer 12 Powder Used in the rinse just prior to either lube or polymer topcoats. This formulation is highly compatible with stearate and polymer chemistries and will greatly extend the tank life of either of these costly baths. Contains a rust-inhibiting ingredient for added corrosion protection during shipping and storage.

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