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Heatbath Acquired by DuBois Chemicals – Customer Letter
Hazard Communication Standard Updates
Department of Homeland Security – Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards
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Featured Products

AquaPhoenix Scientific Titrating Chemicals and Test Kits for Heatbath
Nitec Viro-HS Electroless Nickel
Lab Oil 100 – A Customer Testimonial
Heatbath Ultraphos 1224
Phosphate Neutralizer 12
Triumph Plus – Trivalent Chromate Conversion Coating
Durawax – A Customer Testimonial
Diverscale 299 – A Customer Testimonial

Black Oxide Library

Black Oxide Control Systems
Waste Treatment of Black Oxide Baths
Problem Solving Guide for Black Oxide
General Conditions For Operating Heatbath Black Oxide Solutions
Why Black Oxide?


Cleaning & Coating Technologies for Metal Forming Applications
Phosphate Conversion Coatings Brochure
Zinc Plating Brochure
Electroless Nickel Product Brochure
Pentrate Ultra Brochure
Rust Preventatives and Corrosion Inhibitor Brochure
Metal Finishing Product Brochure
Black Oxide Brochure

Articles and Reprints

Cleaners, Coatings and Lubricants Affect Raw Wire Material Quality
Simulated Brass Process Eliminates Cyanide
Chromate Conversion Coatings
Specialty Finishing Boosts Customer Satisfaction
Phosphate Conversion Coatings
Selecting the Right Cleaner for the Job

Electroless Nickel Library

Electroless Nickel Tank Clean-Out Procedure
The EN Plating Edge
About Electroless Nickel
Comparing Electroless Nickel and Electrolytic Nickel Deposits Part 1
Electroless Nickel Plating over Aluminum